A mining platform for serious bitcoin miners.

A co-location mining facility where investor’s benefit from low cost electricity, fully staffed engineering team on site, 24-7 manned security, and an accessible management team

*Disclaimer: Bitcoin mining is a high risk investment. There are factors that can drastically effect returns, such as mining difficulty and bitcoin price. Do not invest if you are not comfortable with high risk investments. Moreover, by being on this site, you agree to hold all parties harmless for any loss that might occur as a result of your investment due to market conditions.

Why Invest?

Bitcoin mining has traditionally been dominated by private mining farms unavailable to the public, or to cloud mining suppliers who have overcharged the investors- and then cancelled contracts.


  • Power cost of 5.5 cents per KwH

  • Access to next-gen miners from trusted manufacturers

  • Mining profits sent directly into your wallet-daily

  • 20% management fee covers hosting, maintenance, and security. No other fees apply

How It Works

Here are the steps to invest. We have simplified the process and the platform, there are no hidden fees, no complicated erc20 contracts, and no cloudy formulas to figure out. Your mined btc is sent to your wallet daily. Electricity cost and management fee is deducted from your wallet once a week, the balance is your profit and can be moved to any wallet you choose.

Our platform has 5 easy steps.

This investment opportunity is brought to you by Mineablock.com and Elevate Group.

We are an established mining farm with a knowledgeable staff of engineers. To speak with us, or ask questions, please join our private telegram group.


Of Power

Existing operation is fully functional and running


per KwH

Located in Siberia, where cooling costs are minimal, and power is cheap.


We provide three important solutions to the bitcoin mining industry.

Bitcoin Wallet and Security

Each investor will have their own bitcoin wallet. Your profits will go directly into your wallet on a daily basis. You can store your bitcoin on your wallet, or you can move it to any wallet you prefer.

  • Mining profits are distributed daily into investors wallets

  • There is a 1% fee that goes to our technology provider for wallet services.
  • Investors receive login to personal dashboard for 24-7 monitoring of your miners

Cloud Mining Solution

Typically, investors have had to purchase expensive contracts that don’t deliver the full hashpower of a mining rig. Cloud contracts are usually significantly more expensive than owning your own mining equipment.

  • No contracts, we mine for the life of your mining rig
  • No hidden fees, and no ‘cancellation of contract’ risks.

Monitor your miners 24/7

You will receive a dedicated login dashboard where you can view your miners running.

  • View profitability, hash rate, and earnings 24/7. Full transperancy.

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